New Features Released in Android 11 Beta

Google has released the long-awaited beta of Android 11 after a brief delay thanks to ongoing demonstrations on racial justice within the us . Actually, this release has many useful features, so let’s dig deeper into these features …

• Trying to hurry Up Communication

Google has always tried to form communication convenient and cozy without facing any obstacle.
To make this possible, Google Meat is now available to everyone!
In addition, it can support large gatherings, and therefore the most enjoyable feature here is that Duo’s family mode allows users to draw on calls. to feature this exciting factor to communication, users can now add masks and effects, allowing them to precise their emotions more clearly.

• Better Message Access

On the opposite hand, Google has taken another step to form phone communication simple and straightforward . this suggests that now Android 11 will move all conversations between multiple messaging applications to a special place within the notification section.
This will allow users to look at , reply, and manage each conversation from one place very easily. additionally , users can mark a conversation as a priority to offer priority to a specific message in order that it’s never overlooked . Conversations about keys will always be displayed continuously on the user’s display and should even “break” through the “Don’t disturb setting”.

• Hello Bubbles!

Android 11 has another interesting feature – Bubbles. because of this new feature, users are ready to reply and participate in important conversations without having to modify between the present task and therefore the messaging application. This feature are often directly accessed without losing any beat by direct notifications and multitasking.

• Emoticon Board

In addition, once you enter Gboard in Android 11, users will receive appropriate and automatic suggestions for emoticons and text. this is often made possible because of secure intelligence on the device, which further leverages federated learning. once you type something it works without Google.

• A Better thanks to Manage Connected Devices And Media

In fact, Android is functioning hard to form the foremost of the encompassing computing. With Android 11, it allows users to raised manage their connected devices.
This remake has brought several significant changes to Android’s functionality, and therefore the most interesting of them is that the quick use and control of smart devices. Now users can access their devices by long-pressing the facility button. They get the power to regulate the temperature on / off with one touch, without having to open multiple applications.

• Communication Media

On Android 11, new multimedia controls will appear, allowing users to quickly and simply switch to the devices on which their audio or video content is played. this enables users to shuffle music from one device to a different in only one step.

• Strict Secrecy

As we all know, each release of Android brings more and simpler controls for privacy and security. At now , Android 11 allows users to make a decision how and when to transfer data to their device. For detailed control, this release brought better and sensitive resolution. One-time permission allows users to access a microphone, camera, or location just one occasion .
And next time, if the appliance needs access to those sensors, permission must be obtained again. additionally , if the user has not used the appliance for an extended time, Android will “automatically reset” all permissions related to this application and notify the user. subsequent time they open the appliance , users will need to allow the appliance again.
More Features Are expecting You!
Finally, with Android 11, users can enjoy more features, like a recording screen, updated voice access, and improved performance. Also, you cannot miss the higher sharing menu, because it facilitates the exchange of content.
Where To Use Android 11 beta?
Users can easily find these features in beta available on Pixel 2+ phones and other devices which will be available within the coming weeks.
Our Takeaway
As a number one Android app developer, we at TECHUGO provide you with the newest technological updates. And with this beta version of Android 11, we are very confident that it’ll show the simplest features. And, of course, it’ll bring you the last word Android 11 review until the ultimate release this fall.

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