Top 7 Biggest Social Media Sites in 2020

Lets everyone a look at the seven of the largest social media structures today: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit.

All social media networks are not created equally.

While Instagram might be a powerhouse for one brand, it’ll do nothing for another — and at the same time as one enterprise might have heaps of engagement on Facebook, another commercial enterprise will advantage extra traction on LinkedIn.

With that during mind, how do you pick in? which to make investments your time (and doubtlessly ad spend)?

The exceptional circulate is to have at least a presence on every of the fundamental structures, and from there, strategically choose which ones to double down on.

We’re going to test each of the seven most important social media structures in our social media guide: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You’ll additionally gain insights into what content succeeds on each platform and get actionable suggestions to take your personal social media advertising to the next level.

Before we dive in, let’s test each of those networks at a glance.

1. Facebook

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA
Founded: 2004
Active Monthly Users: 2.forty-five billion
This OG social media network is attempted and true, and regardless of your industry, there’s a space for you on Facebook.

While the News Feed increasingly more suppresses business posts, there are nevertheless ways to reinforce engagement without investing in ads.

Consider joining (or creating) groups, the use of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, or the usage of stay video to up your engagement.

2. Twitter

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Founded: 2006
Active Monthly Users: 330 million
Fast and occasionally furious, certain corporations actually thrive on Twitter.

On Twitter, brands have a possibility to craft and hone their voice — there’s room to be smart and personable further to informative and helpful.

Jump into threads, offer value, proportion your personal content material as well as others, and be part of the nonstop conversation.

3. LinkedIn

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 2003
Active Monthly Users: 310 million
Within its massive network of experts, you’ll discover extra than sixty-one million users in senior positions on LinkedIn.

If you’re seeking out decision makers who have the electricity to hire your company, inventory your product, or partner with you, LinkedIn is the vicinity to be.

Did that 44% of LinkedIn customers have an income above the countrywide median? Or that greater than 50% of Americans with a university diploma use LinkedIn?

It may not be the flashiest social media network, but there’s unlimited capacity for connecting with an elite organization of specialists who can make a distinction for your commercial enterprise.

4. Instagram

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA
Launched: 2010
Active customers: 1 billion
Instagram is a smorgasbord of attractive visuals and galvanizing creativity.

It’s also a social community wherein product-based businesses, influencers, and coaches can thrive.

Since introducing stoppable posts in 2018, the capability ROI for product-based corporations is better than ever — not handiest can B2B’s connect to a massive audience, they are able to hyperlink the product statistics and sales instantly from the ‘gram.

If your target demographic is underneath 35, Instagram is a gold mine: 63% of users are between the ages of 18 to 34, with in reality even cut up between male and woman customers.

5. Snapchat

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2011
Active Monthly Users: 360 million.

The most active users are Snapchat are 13-year-olds, and they’re spending upwards of 30, minutes a day at the app.

Snapchat is a haven for user-generated content material, behind-the-scenes videos, exceptional offers, and influencer takeovers.

6. Pinterest

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Active Monthly Users: 322, million
Some of the most popular content on Pinterest includes fashion, food, decor, wedding, exercise and DIY-associated pins.

In addition, something with rich visible can thrive on Pinterest.

Notably, 81% of Pinterest customers are woman — if you have a predominantly woman audience, that’s a compelling purpose to invest time on social media advertising on Pinterest.

That’s not to say that men aren’t on Pinterest.

In fact, 40% of latest Pinterest sign ups are male.

7. Reddit

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Active Monthly Users: 430 million.

According to Alexa rankings, Reddit is one in all the top 20 most-visited sites.

With such a lot of niches, there’s an area for each emblem and enterprise — it’s a count of finding the niches where your capability clients are lively and diving in.

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